Gwiki Demo Privacy Policy


This application is for DEMO PURPOSES ONLY. It exists to allow people to see what Gwiki is and does, and how it might help them. This site is not intended to be used for "production" use cases.

Use of Google Drive Data

Gwiki requests read privileges on all Google Drive data. This is because it needs to list directory contents and pull content of files in order to display them to you on screen.

GWIKI DOES NOT send any of your data back to any remote server, nor does it access any of your data on any remote server, nor does it even send your OAuth credentials back to any remote server. 100% of Gwiki's use of your credentials and access of your data is on your machine.


While the above is true, it is also true that Gwiki does have access to all data in your Google Drive. You should take this seriously, and you should revoke access when you're done with the demo.

Gwiki is intended to be self-hosted, such that you will set up your own Google client credentials and you will be granting yourself access to your Google Drive materials, rather than a 3rd party.